The Chieftain's Letter

March 2005

Wow! My last Chieftain’s letter. It has been an excellent year, and it has been my great honor, pleasure, and privilege to serve you as Chieftain this past year. I want to thank my executive committee for making this year a success. I could not have done it with out you. I want to also thank Jim for cranking out a wonderful newsletter each and every month, Walter for planning an excellent Burns supper, and everyone in the Society for supporting me.

I figure every Chieftain wonders how he/she will be remembered while they were in office. I had hoped to be remembered as the youngest Chieftain to ever serve. However, I'm afraid I may be remembered by these seven words, "I pronounce this Haggis Unfit to Eat!"

Thank you all,

Aaron C. Buchanan

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